Shirley first discovered yoga in 2008 when she was working in New York City.
To deal with the hustle and bustle city life, yoga practice immediately became part of her calming morning rituals.

In 2018, she met her guru, Dario Calvaruso, the founder of Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa yoga, who inspired and guided her to the path of yoga teaching. Immensely drawn to the beauty of this method, which allows one to flow gracefully and harmoniously between breath and body movement, Shirley started to feel like herself again, the feeling that has been long gone for a while.
After completing  300+hrs training with her guru, in 2019, Shirley left her long-term career as a fashion buyer, and began to share her love with yoga, and self-discovering journey.

Shirley’s classes emphasise the importance of harmonious connection between body and breath. Her classes are always set in good vibes, filled with love, and challenges.
While there are always options, she encourages her students to push and unfold their potentials to the maximum, progressing their yoga practice in a safe and sustainable manner.

To her,  “No one single practice is the same as the other, the beauty of consistent yoga practice is that it allows you to learn about yourself every single time you step on the mat. You got to be very honest with yourself (your body, mind, emotions, feelings), and this is so powerful, right?! at the end of the day, being the true, authentic self is just the most amazing feeling one can have”

Shirley’s qualification:

  • 324 hrs Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa Hṛdayam Teacher Training Programme with Dario Calvaruso in 2019
  • Holistic Wellness: Certified Course on Yogic Nutrition and Lifestyle with Dario Calvaruso in 2019

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