Pam’s enthusiasm for Pilates began more than 10 years ago and was reignited in 2018 after her cancer diagnosis. Hailing from New York, USA, she was hooked on Pilates after her first Reformer class in 2009. At that time Pam was building a career in Business Development and Sales within the Supply Chain industry and it was that role that brought her to Hong Kong in 2012.
Through the loving support of her husband, family and friends, Pam conquered an ovarian cancer diagnosis, 2 surgeries and 6 rounds of chemotherapy. A month after her last chemo infusion, Pam got back on the Reformer. With a new perspective on life and the help of Pilates to heal her mind and body, she left the corporate world. Following her deep desire to share the rehabilitative and strengthening properties of Pilates, Pam trained to be an Instructor. Combining her profound gratefulness for post-cancer life, corporate client interfacing experiences and Pilates training, Pam is an intuitive, precise and encouraging instructor.
Expect her classes to include fun imagery, concise explanations and physical adjustments only after gaining your consent. She firmly believes Pilates is for every BODY and every ONE. Her inclusive classes are fun, dynamic and will appropriately and safely bring each student to their individual edge. Pam’s goal is to help you create mind-body connections which will draw out your strength and confidence.
Pam is a vegetarian, supports rescue animal organizations and loves champagne. Her favorite abdominal engagement work is laughing!
Pam’s qualification
  • STOTT PILATES® trained Reformer Instructor
  • 90-hr Ying Yoga Certification, Yoga Alliance
  • Reiki Level 1 Degree, Usui Reiki Rgoho

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