2Avis worked in the customer service industry for near 10 years and is enthusiastic about fitness. It comes to a reason for Avis decided to have a big change in her career life – become a personal trainer and group instructor to spread the happiness of work out. She is (AASFP certified) Personal trainer, Children and teenage fitness instructor, Pre and Post Natal Fitness instructor, (TRX certified) TRX instructor. After she tried Pilates and found it is like a treasure for the people because it is not only a work out, it definitely helps and suits any kind of people, that is why she joined Anhao that the place helps all the people reaching their fitness goal.

Avis’s qualifications:

  • Polestar Pilates Certified Practitioner of Pilates Mat (Polestar pilates)
  • Polestar Pilates Certified Practitioner of Pilates Reformer (Polestar pilates)
  • Certified Advanced Personal Trainer (AASFP)
  • Stretching trainer (AASFP)
  • HIIT trainer (AASFP)
  • Pre and Post Natal trainer (AASFP)
  • Children fitness trainer (AASFP)
  • Certified TRX trainer (TRX professional education)

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