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Theo Our Swimming Coach
Theo Our Swimming Coach

The coach: 

The coach shall prepare a customized program that guarantees the achievement of goals and a better lifestyle.

Thanks to a good understanding of a customized program that specifically fits your profile, you will be able to feel secure and well.


You have the choice between the studio Anhao or wherever you want. The personal trainer will go to your place or the place defined to assess your background, level of fitness, and goals. Together, we will determine your priorities (be they corrective exercises, weight loss, harmonization of silhouette, relaxation, or staying in good shape).


One-on-one Training:

You can enjoy a private lesson.

The personal trainer will take care of you and your needs. They will personally motivate and support you in meeting your goals.

All of your sessions will be integrated within the OPT model. The coach will focus on your posture because it is the key element to moving properly and achieving your goals. Through this, we will help you to attain a better lifestyle.

The one-on-one program is a real opportunity for you to feel privileged and energized because of an authentic private workout.


Buddy Training or Private group:

If you want to get motivated, have fun with friends, colleagues or family, or meet new people, you can opt for our buddy training session. This workout can include up to five participants at the same time.


The real challenge lies in building together and comparing each other’s progress if you are on the same level of exercises. During the session, we can add higher-difficulty exercises that are consistent with your faculties.



The personal trainer is your coach.

He will listen to your goals and requests, assess them, and answer any queries you may have regarding health and fitness.

Estelle, Founder of Anhao and Personal Trainer
Estelle, Founder of Anhao and Personal Trainer

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