How much is our packages?

It depends if it is group Training at Anhao Wellness Center or Personal Training.

  • For Personal Training, Please contact us and We will send you the Leaflet of Anhao according to your favorite activity: Fitness, Swimming, Pilates


Where is the venue?

Our best service feature allows you to select your preferred location. Anhao is willing to adapt exercises according to your chosen environment.

  • For Personal Training, It can be at the following:
    • Your home or swimming pool
    • Our fitness center 5 LADDER STREET MID LEVEL SHEUNG WAN
    • In a park (such as the famous Happy Valley in Hong Kong, Victoria Park, Bowen Road, and so on) or public swimming pool

 Be it an indoor and outdoor workout that you require, we are entirely at your service wherever and whenever you need us.

  • For group Sessions, The Venue is in our fitness center:  5 LADDER STREET MID LEVEL SHEUNG WAN


What about your Personal Training and your assessment?

 The personal trainer is your coach. He will listen to your goals and requests, assess them, and answer any queries you may have regarding health and fitness. Thanks to a good understanding of a customized program that specifically fits your profile, you will be able to feel secure and well.

The personal trainer will go to your place or the place defined to assess your background, level of fitness, and goals. Together, you and your partner will determine your priorities (be they corrective exercises, weight loss, harmonization of silhouette, relaxation, or staying in good shape). He shall then prepare and present you with a customized program that guarantees the achievement of goals and a better lifestyle.


What is our Method of Personal Training?

All our booklet will explain you in details the method we use to train with our clients. Our methodology are based on professional models and Academy.

  • Fitness: A tailor Made program based on a model developed by NASM (National Academy of Sports and Medicine).
  • Swimming: French Personal Trainer highly qualified with a National Diploma in Swimming Activities (specializing in with fin swimming), as well as a Science and Technology Degree in Sports and Physical Activities.
  • Pilates: STOTT PILATES® - A contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates.



Do you need equipment?

  • For Personal TRaining, you can bring your own Mat but in fact Do not need to bring your own equipment as the coach will supply (only for one-on-one session): Floor mats, Weight, TRX, Band And Music! If you prefer to have your own Mat, please bring it!
  • For group Sessions, We have got everything at the Studio:
    • Towels
    • Water Contrex Sponsor
    • Shower with Algotherm Natural Product
    • Mats


What are the group sessions policy at Anhao Studio?

  • Booking class at least 24h in advance by booking online on the website MINDBODYONLINE
  • 24 hours notice is required for all cancelled sessions. Unfortunately, there are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS CLAUSE.
  • All classes are subject to two person minimum. If class size is not met, you will receive a cancellation email two hours prior to class.
  • Payment details on your next invoice


What are the Clients Policies and Agreements?

Click here to read our clients policies and agreements

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